Paul Goble: I think the post soviet states have a great future, but just not right away

Paul Goble, an expert on Russia’s ethnic minorities and a former adviser to both the U.S. State Department and the CIA gave an interview to Baku Tribune.

Zhiqun Zhu: A conflict in the Taiwan Strait may serve as a trigger for a US-China war - İNTERVİEW

Interview with Professor Zhiqun Zhu, a distinguished scholar on Asian affairs at Bucknell University, USA.

Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia:

"Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a well-known political swindler in Russia who manages to stay afloat with all the authorities - from Gorbachev to Putin."

Russian court fined imam's assistant for support of the President of Azerbaijan

The cassation court in Chelyabinsk city of Russian Federation is considering the case of the assistant to the imam of the Cathedral Mosque Rinat Yaminev. He is accused of inciting hatred over posts on "VKontakte" social network

Sher Ahmadzai: President Biden promised to back Afghanistan - EXCLUSİVE İNTERVİEW

Sher Jan Ahmadzai, Director Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska Omaha gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune. He worked in the Afghan government from 2002 to 2007 in different capacities. His last position was as scheduling manager for then-President Hamid Karza.

Haroon Amirzada:

An interview to Baku Tribune was given by Haroon Amirzada, an independent political analyst on Afghanistan and Central Asia issues.

Ambassador Bilal Hayee:

Pakistan is one of the closest friends and allies of Azerbaijan. Our countries and peoples traditionally do call each other not otherwise as a brother.

Alan Kafruny: The US will continue to seek to impede Russian economic development - INTERVIEW

Alan Kafruny, Professor of International Relations, Hamilton College (USA) gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

Payman Yazdani: Raeisi enjoys more chance than the other candidates to be the winner - EXCLUSIVE

The 13th presidential elections are held in the Islamic Republic of Iran on June 18. The incumbent President Hassan Rouhani does not participate in the elections, as he has held this post for two consecutive terms. Baku Tribune spoke with a political analyst and editor of the Mehr News Payman Yazdani on this topic.

Ex-special assistant to the president US: «But now comes the hard work of follow-up» - EXCLUSİVE

Negotiations between Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden ended in Geneva.

Ex-personal assistant to Shinzo Abe's father: The condition of Northeast Asia is quite complicated - EXCLUSİVE İNTERVİEW

A senior fellow at Hudson Institute, Jun Isomura gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

Valdis Zatlers: Now, the most important is to eliminate any temptation of revenge by Armenian side - EXCLUSİVE İNTERVİEW

Former President of the Republic of Latvia Valdis Zatlers gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

George Friedman: Azerbaijan has emerged as the leading power- EXCLUSİVE İNTERVİEW

After the end of the Second Karabakh War, new geopolitical realities emerged in the South Caucasus region.

Sher Ahmadzai: Azerbaijan could pave the way for the connection between Afghanistan and Turkey and Eastern Europe - EXCLUSİVE VİDEO

Sher Jan Ahmadzai, Director Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska Omaha gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

How can the work on the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia be accelerated? - Interview with Vanyan

Armenian human rights activist Georgy Vanyan gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

Alan Kafruni:

Alan Kafruni, Professor of International Relations, Hamilton College (USA) gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

The chief of Huawei responded to the topical questions of Baku Tribune - EXCLUSİVE

Today, one of the largest ICT companies in the world, Huawei, is going through what is arguably its most difficult period. On the one hand, the US sanctions, as a result of which a number of international companies curtailed cooperation with Huawei. On the other hand, this is the coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses around the world.

Abraham Cooper: «Hamas must be crushed»

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Simon Wiesenthal Center's associate dean gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

Selçuk Çolakoğlu: France’s pro-Armenia policy has been further discrediting the Minsk Group - EXCLUSİVE

Prof.Dr. Selçuk Çolakoğlu, Director Turkish Center for Asia Pacific Studies gave an exclusive interview to Baku Tribune.

Guo Min: Zangezur corridor will play an active part in promoting peace and stability for the region - Exclusive interview

Baku Tribune’s interview with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Azerbaijan Ms. Guo Min.

Stephen Blank: Zangezur corridor will work to Armenia's benefit - EXCLUSİVE VİDEO

Dr. Stephen J. Blank is Senior Fellow at Foreign Policy Research Institute's (FPRI) Eurasia Program has given an interview to Baku Tribune. He is the author of over 900 articles and monographs on Soviet/Russian, U.S., Asian, and European military and foreign policies.

Why does China not fully use transport capabilities of the South Caucasus? - EXCLUSİVE VİDEO

Einar Tangen, an economic and political affairs commentator CCTV, CGTN, Xinhua Al Jazeera, TRT World in an interview with Baku Tribuna spoke about the prospects for the development of Azerbaijani-Chinese relations within the framework of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, the need to develop tourism potential between the two countries, and the reason why the transport and logistics capabilities of the South Caucasus are not fully used by China.

Thomas Barfield: Turkey did not commit the

Thomas Barfield, a professor of Anthropology at Boston University, as well as the President of the American Institute for Afghanistan Studies gives interview to Baku Tribune.