Mongolian student: Baku is a unique mixture of ancient architecture and modern buildings - INTERVIEW
Mongolian student: Baku is a unique mixture of ancient architecture and modern buildings - INTERVIEW
08:57     17 December 2022    
Baku Tribune presents an interview with a student of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) Munkhbayar Munkhsaikhan.
- Tell me something about yourself. How did it happen that you ended up in Azerbaijan? - I am from Mongolia, a fourth-year student of the faculty of petroleum engineering at ASOIU. I desired and interested to work in oil and gas industry when the time I had to make my life-changing decisions. I searched from internet about scholarships in Azerbaijan because Azerbaijan is the one of the leading countries in oil and gas industry. So I found OIC scholarship program. I thought I should give it a shot and it happened. - Why Azerbaijan university? What attracted you to ASOIU? - As I mentioned above, I wanted to learn from best in the business, Azerbaijan is the place where first drilled to extract resources from underground, therefore have enormous experience. I read alumni’s experience and reflections that was 100% positive. - How did you enter the university? Tell me about your experience. - As the requirements of all the top universities, you will need some academic documents that proof of you have high level of English, high GPA from high school, of course motivational letter which shows how much you really want to be part of University. Aforementioned requirements for only first stage. If you pass first stage, you will need to take an interview with university staffs that was really exciting. Finally, if you passed this interview, welcome to ASOIU. - Did you encounter any difficulties when entering the university as an international student? - I haven’t faced any problems when I was applying to University. All the time I was contacting via email with International Dean Office, they were so kind and anytime I had problem they always helped me. - Do you have a favorite subject, teacher? - It is more than I expected. Actually, I want to mention more than one teacher. Mr.Ramil Mammadov for Reservoir engineering and Production engineering subjects, Mrs. Elena Shmoncheva for Directional Drilling, Reservoir Fluid Flow, Mr. Vugar Fatalayev for Phase Behavior, Natural Gas Engineering subject. - What do you do in your free time at university? Do you belong to any student clubs? Tell me a little about it. - I love to play football. So I have been member of University football team since 1st course. We won a lot of competition together. I consider my team as a family. - Tell us a little about Baku. What are the pros and cons you see for yourself? Was it easy to find housing, a part-time job? - Beautiful city. I have never tried to find apartments or part-time job because scholarship covers everything. I guess that Baku is a unique mixture of ancient architecture and modern buildings. People are so kind, I have no negative sight of Baku so far. - Thank you very much for this interview! What would you like to say at the end of the interview for foreign students who want to study in Azerbaijan? - Thank you for inviting me for this interview. Azerbaijan is one of the best countries in terms of education. And you will not regret your choice if you join the educational system of the country. You will receive not only academic education, but also more information about people, culture, traditions, religions in Azerbaijan. Good luck! Rolan Yusufov
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