Special reportages

Baku Tribune's reportage from Krasnaya Sloboda - VİDEO

Since ancient times, representatives of dozens of peoples have lived side by side in Azerbaijan. The high ethnic tolerance of the Azerbaijani people contributed to their successful integration and adaptation. Mountain Jews are one of them.

Baku Tribune's reportage from the War Trophies Park - VİDEO

The war of 2020 ended with unconditional and brilliant victory of Azerbaijan. Armenia acknowledged its defeat and infamously signed the act of surrender.

Shusha. City rich in history and culture - Exclusive VİDEO

Historian and journalist Kerim Sultanov presents a brief information on foundation, cultural and historical significance of the city of Shusha, that is situated in historical Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Ancient temples of Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. Narrator: historian, journalist Kerim Sultanov - VIDEO

MACFEST (Muslim Art and Culture Festival) with Azerbaijan's particupance has come to an end on 4th of April. Our journalist, historian Kerim Sultanov had got an invitation to this remarkable international event where he delivered the information about the history and rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.