Haroon Amirzada: "Mr.Ghani and his government hand over the power to Taliban and disarm the Afghan army" - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW
Haroon Amirzada:
20:42     01 July 2021    
An interview to Baku Tribune was given by Haroon Amirzada, an independent political analyst on Afghanistan and Central Asia issues.
An interview to Baku Tribune was given by Haroon Amirzada, an independent political analyst on Afghanistan and Central Asia issues. - The government of Afghanistan may lose control over the country within six months after the withdrawal of American troops from the country. This is stated in a new report by the US intelligence services, referred to by The Wall Street Journal. How would you comment on this? Is there such a risk at all? - There is no doubt that Taliban are ruthless and wild warriors whose mission is killing people and fundamentally destruction of Afghanistan. They are not an independent group to decide to fight or make peace. The latest dramatic advance of Taliban in the North of Afghanistan is artificially planned to arm them by tanks and artillery and surrender thousands army forces to a few hundred warriors. If this game continues for a few months the fall of Kabul is inevitable. However, the recent uprising in the north shows that Taliban can not hold their grips in the north for long time. The people of north of Afghanistan hate the Taliban’s’ extremist ideology and the Pashtuns’ tribal hegemonism. In the last two decades thanks to the new technology and enjoying modern development, people of Afghanistan have been changed in many aspects. Even Mr.Ghani and his government hand over the power to Taliban and disarm the Afghan army, the people of north will not surrender to a few thousand extremists and the civil war is inevitable. - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recently visited the United States and met with American President Joe Biden. How was the meeting? - Recently Mr Ghani with his big delegation travelled to US to persuade the US president, Joe Biden to change the game in the last 90 minutes. But he failed because it seems that Americans have already decided to git red of the Afghan swamp in any costs. It is believed that majority of American forces will leave Afghanistan by 4th July current year. Recently the last soldier of Germany left North of Afghanistan. Although President Biden promised Mr Ghani that US militarily will withdraw from Afghanistan, they will continue supporting Afghanistan economically. But it is believed that US and their allies will not support the corrupt and shaky government of Afghanistan anymore, especially if they believe Mr Ghani government will fall in 6 months after US exit from Afghanistan. - Beginning this year, there has been a series of military successes by the Taliban, including the capture of a key area in northern Kunduz province this week. What is behind the Taliban's military successes? Why can't Ashraf Ghani's government deal with them? - In my opinion Ghani and Taliban are the two faces of one coin. A few years ago, Ghani called Taliban his sons and his tribal army. He punished anti-Taliban forces inside and outside of his government. Mr Ghani thought under the name of peace talks he could form a coalition government with Taliban, but Taliban refused it. Taliban are not independent warriors; they mainly get support by Pakistan and international terrorist groups. It is believed that Russia, Iran, and China are happy to oust US and NATO from Afghanistan by Taliban. From geopolitical points of view, it is understandable, but supporting and trusting extremists in the region will be a big mistake. The recent advances of Taliban in the north show that the civil war is inevitable and the whole region will suffer. American and their western allies will leave behind themselves civil wars, instability, terrorists, mafias, and traffickers. People of Afghanistan, men and women, especially north of Afghanistan who have enjoyed development, education, and freedom of speech will not be subjugated by Taliban and their foreign allies. - Russia is in favor of launching a direct inter-Afghan dialogue with the assistance of international partners. How do you assess this initiative? - In my opinion, an intra-Afghan dialogue have become an interesting game and business in the last 3 years not only for Taliban who enjoy honour and legitimacy in capital of the host countries from Moscow to Doha, but also for host countries. This game shows neither Taliban believe in peace nor the host countries. War of Afghanistan is a good business for most internal and external players. In my opinion, Russia has played a very negative role in Afghanistan by supporting Taliban. Russia plays a new fire game when investing on terrorists. Russians think by supporting Taliban, they will out US and their western allies from Afghanistan and Taliban will be a Russian ally in Afghanistan like former Afghan communists of soviets’ times in 1980s. It is a big mistake! Interviewed by Seymur Mammadov
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