Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia: "Zhirinovsky is a well-known political swindler in Russia"
Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia:
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"Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a well-known political swindler in Russia who manages to stay afloat with all the authorities - from Gorbachev to Putin." Baku Tribune was told about this by a former Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Georgy Kunadze, commenting on the negative statements of the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky about Azerbaijan. According to him, he is allowed a lot - to carry any nonsense, to appear in public surrounded by cute effeminate boys, familiarly address the head of the neighboring state on "you". “One must, however, understand that anyone who publicly reacts to Zhirinovsky's cynical escapades only increases his political“ capitalization ”. Due to some peculiarities of his muddy biography, "Zhirik", as Russians call him in their own way, does not care much about Turkey and, probably, does not have sympathy for Azerbaijan. Hence the current scandal, which is pointless to continue. To protest, depriving him of the right to enter Azerbaijan - and that's enough for him. It is believed that by insulting the Azerbaijani leader, Zhirinovsky is fulfilling a certain "order" from the Kremlin. Not sure. At least now the Kremlin, I think, does not want to aggravate relations with Azerbaijan, behind which Turkey stands. The Russian leadership, in my opinion, secretly fears this wayward NATO country, ”G. Kunadze said.
Amanullah Jayhoon:

The political situation in Afghanistan continues to be very tense. As the US winds down its operation in Afghanistan, the Taliban are stepping up their onslaught on government forces.


We have not experienced such kind of disagreement with any US leader earlier. Unfortunately, the US does not fight against terror organizations, supports more than the expected, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while answering questions of journalists after Juma prayer, Baku Tribune in Turkey reports.

Azerbaijan hands over body of an Armenian serviceman to the other side in Shusha

On September 23, Azerbaijan has handed over the body of an Armenian serviceman who died in the 44-day war, Baku Tribune reports citing Armenian media.

Restrictions on public transport on weekend to be canceled from October 1

Restrictions on public transport on weekends will be cancelled from October 1, 2021, Task Force told Baku Tribune.

Mehriban Aliyeva views conditions created at newly built school No. 88

First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has viewed conditions created at newly built school No. 88 in the building in Binagadi settlement of Khazar district, Baku Tribune reports.

DNA offers a new look at how Polynesia was settled

Polynesian voyagers settled islands across a vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean within about 500 years, leaving a genetic trail of the routes that the travelers took, scientists say.

Azerbaijani FM: Azerbaijan is ready to normalize relations despite Armenia's aggressive policy

On September 22, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov has met with Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto within the framework of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, the Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan told Baku Tribune.

Azerbaijan logs 1178 fresh COVID-19 cases, 24 deaths

Azerbaijan has confirmed 1178 new coronavirus cases, 2322 recoveries, and 24 deaths over the past 24 hours, Baku Tribune reports.

Prays to be read for the soul of martyrs in mosques, churches, synagogues in Azerbaijan

Our martyrs will be commemorated in the religious temples operating in Azerbaijan- mosques, churches, synagogues with great mercy in the Commemoration Ceremony, the Organization Committee told Baku Tribune.

Journalists and bloggers from Georgia visit Ganja

Media representatives and bloggers from Georgia have visited Ganja, Baku Tribune reports.

Biden seeks to rally international community: 'We cannot afford to waste any more time'

US President Joe Biden sought on Tuesday to rally the international community to meet the escalating crises of our age, telling world leaders "we cannot afford to waste any more time."