Huawei gets stronger in response to every attempt at US pressure
Seymur Mammadov


Huawei gets stronger in response to every attempt at US pressure
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A mericans know very little about history. Excessive isolation on their own greatness deprives American politicians of the breadth of their thinking. And this, in turn, negatively affects the policy towards other countries and creates problems for many. Including the partners of the United States themselves, following their lead. Had the Americans had an idea of history, they would not have set themselves such unrealistic goals as curbing China's development. The Chinese nation has gone through many trials over its very long history and has always emerged from them with their heads held high. Much that modern civilization uses is the product of the genius of the Chinese people. Cope with such a country with some kind of sanctions? Moreover, today, when China is rich, influential and still genius. Of course, this was not a serious decision, which, however, led to serious difficulties for the US allies. This can be seen in the example of telecommunications giant Huawei, which has been declared a prime target in the United States. The other day, imposed by American sanctions, Huawei held a show of new products, once again proving that it does not intend to retreat before the demands and threats of the West. The list of new Huawei products includes P50 and P50 Pro smartphones, Smart Wireless Charger, Huawei Sound X speaker, Vision V75 Super smart TV and a giant 98-inch Vision V98, as well as the original Huawei Study Vision gadget - a learning assistant for children and schoolchildren. ... For children, the Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro smart watch has also been released, and the Huawei Band 6 Pro fitness bracelet is suitable for an adult audience. All new items run on Harmony OS 2.0 firmware - the operating system developed by the company. Note that HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei's new firmware for smartphones and other gadgets, has shown a smoother interface than iOS. Comparison conducted by the Master Lu benchmark showed that Chinese developments unconditionally bypassed American ones. At the top of the ranking were Huawei Mate 40 Pro 4G, Huawei Mate 40E 4G. An interesting detail - one of the new products presented by Huawei is a wireless charging station for three devices. Apple struggled for three years on a similar project, but was forced to stop working due to technical difficulties, which, as we can see, the Chinese company was not afraid. An incredible novelty designed for children. Study Vision is a gadget for children attending kindergarten and elementary school. This is a smart mini-screen with a built-in camera - you need to bring, for example, an unfamiliar word written on a sheet of paper to it, and the gadget will explain its meaning to the child, including by voice. Moreover, Huawei has developed a unique program for the hardware upgrade of older smartphones, allowing them to run on Harmony OS 2.0. So far, no other manufacturer in the world does this. That is, Huawei continues its activities, despite the pressure from Washington. At the same time, the companies of the allies of the United States suffer losses. Thus, Ericsson and Nokia have practically lost the Chinese 5G equipment market due to US sanctions against Huawei. Sweden's Ericsson AB lost the most, with its share slipping from 11 percent to 1.9 percent in July's 5G equipment tender held by the state-owned wireless operator China Mobile, the world's largest subscriber. Earlier, Sweden banned the use of Huawei and ZTE equipment in its 5G networks, but for some reason hoped to maintain its position in China. The US declared war on Huawei in 2018 when President Trump signed a decree that barred US government agencies from using equipment manufactured by this and another Chinese company ZTE. In May 2019, the US Department of Commerce announced that Huawei was added to the so-called Entity List - a list of enterprises that will have limited access to American technologies and goods. It was expected that the company would bow its head and comply with the conditions, left without an operating system for mobile devices. But it was an unfortunate calculation - Huawei has rapidly completed the creation of its own operating system, developed since 2012, and now has the first mass operating system, completely independent of American influence, as well as sanctions and bans of the State Department. As we noted above, the completely Chinese OS bypassed the firmware of the same Apple in many main indicators. Ever since the outbreak of the economic war with China, experts have predicted failure for the United States. Knowledgeable people in the White House warned that such games with China are pointless, because in response to every attempt of pressure, it becomes even stronger. The same experts called Trump's actions inadequate, violating the fundamental principles of world trade and economics, and regarded them as extreme incompetence and inability to assess global consequences. And the experts were right. Since the beginning of the trade war, the American side has been suffering defeat after defeat. Because of the imposed trade sanctions, American farmers suffered huge losses, who had nowhere else but China to supply their soybeans and pork, since other markets are already occupied. Trump had to pay billions of dollars in compensation to his farmers, but since sales markets did not appear, these amounts did not help them compensate for the losses. Further - China, on the very day after the imposition of sanctions against Huawei, announced that it would increase the duty on American liquefied gas from 10 to 25 percent, which was tantamount to an embargo, since it was he who was the main consumer of American liquefied natural gas. Apple lost the Chinese market, which accounted for 20 of its total sales. And recently, the United States has had new fears about the Chinese - now they see a loss of positions in the field of artificial intelligence. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt admitted that he underestimated China's capabilities and overestimated its lag behind the United States in the field of AI. In his opinion, the United States will not be able to break away from the Chinese in this race alone, except that in conjunction with Japan and Korea, it will be able to break out of the unconditional leaders. Schmidt warned that if the United States does not act, then China will bypass them in the next decade. The US has no idea about fair competition. How the Americans behave with a strong adversary, we have seen more than once. Today, the Americans consider China to be their only competitor, and a very powerful and stubborn competitor. They see China's very existence as a challenge to their "values" and "security." The USSR was a political enemy, but not a competitor. The same is true for Russia. And China is a real economic power that has steadily stepped on the heels of superpowers over the past decade. And the Americans are terribly frightened. Be that as it may, the ugly war with Huawei that violates all the norms of healthy competition and the rules of international trade showed that the Chinese telecommunications giant, and in its person China as a whole, is not giving up and is not going to give up. And American sanctions are a boomerang that will surely return to whoever launched them. The author is the director of the international expert club EurAsiaAz and editor-in-chief of the English-language information and analytical portal Baku Tribune.
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