Baku Tribune comments on the death of Azerbaijani journalists killed in a mine explosion - VİDEO
Baku Tribune comments on the death of Azerbaijani journalists killed in a mine explosion - VİDEO
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T wo Azerbaijani journalists - AZERTAC correspondent Maharram Ibrahimov 1982 and AZTV operator Siraj Abishov 1989 - died because of mine blast in de occupied Kalbajar region. This fact is a vivid example of Armenia's terror against Azerbaijan and innocent Azerbaijani citizens. Armenia is true to its policy of aggression and terror and is not going to refuse it. Otherwise Armenia should have provide Azerbaijani state with minefield maps yo cleanse all liberated territories from the mines that were buried there during 30 years of occupation. All civilized countries and international organizations including OSCE, and other organizations and structures for security, for safe life and safe existence and coexistence have to demand from Armenia to provide Azerbaijan with minefield maps. Kerim Sultanov, deputy of Editor-in-Chief of Baku Tribune comments on this latest tragic event.
Baku Tribune condemns the release of the Russian policeman who killed 19-year-old Azerbaijani - VİDEO

On 28th of May in Moshkovo town near Novosibirsks region of Russian Federation 19 years old Azerbaijani Vakil Abdullayev was murdered by policeman.

Azerbaijan faces a serious challenge on the border with Iran

The liberation of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, despite the historical and positive nature of this event, is also another test for Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani wrestler wins bronze at 2021 Poland Open

Azerbaijani freestyle wrestler Hajimurad Hajiyev has taken a bronze medal at the 2021 Poland Open Wrestling event held in Warsaw.

Huawei in Karabakh

The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has found an excellent partner in Azerbaijan and a vast space for applying its capabilities.

Journalists got acquainted with the EU projects in Azerbaijan

Media representatives continue to get acquainted with the projects implemented by the European Union in the regions of Azerbaijan.

Latvian MP calls for punishment for those who have committed Ganja terror

As has already been reported, MP of Latvia Roman Naudinish has visited the cities of Agdam and Ganca.

Bakir Izzetbeqovich:

"I was not expecting to see such a terrible picture. I though that I was going to see the city of Agdam. But instead I see that there is no city at all. The graves were dug and thrown away, mosques are destroyed and desecrated. It shows that those who occupied once the city did not have the goal to live here".

The Qusar-Qayakend-Avaran-Xural road is under reconstruction

The Qusar-Qayakend-Avaran-Xural road in northern part of Azerbaijan is under reconstruction.

Oil prices jump on world markets

Oil prices have increased on the world markets.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry issues information

As a result of additional investigations, it has been found out that a serviceman of the Armenian armed forces Artur Kartanyan, detained on June 8, 2021, in the territory of the Lachin district of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border, penetrated the territory of Azerbaijan, not for the purpose of committing a provocation, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense told Baku Tribune.

Commander of Azerbaijan’s Naval Forces visits Pakistan Naval Headquarters

The Commander of Azerbaijan’s Naval Forces Rear Admiral Subhan Bekirov visited the Naval Headquarters in Islamabad on Tuesday and met the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, the Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency reported.