France, Germany demand answers from US, Denmark on spying reports
France, Germany demand answers from US, Denmark on spying reports
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F rench President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday they are asking the US and Denmark to shed light on reports that the two countries worked together to spy on senior European officials, Baku Tribune reports citing Anadolu. "This is not acceptable amongst allies," Macron said of the allegations. His remarks came during a news conference along with Merkel following a Franco-German Council of Ministers meeting. "I am attached to the bond of trust that unites Europeans and Americans," Macron said, adding "there is no room for suspicion" between the countries. "That is why what we are waiting for is complete clarity," he continued. "We requested that our Danish and American partners provide all the information on these revelations and on these past facts. We are awaiting these answers." For her part, Merkel said she agrees with her French counterpart's remarks. She said Germany's attitude towards the clarification of events at the time "has not changed." German news outlets reported Monday that Denmark's intelligence agency helped the US National Security Agency (NSA) spy on European leaders, including Merkel and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The revelations that Washington had been eavesdropping on its European allies first emerged in 2013, but it is only now that German journalists have gained access to inside reports about the role of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) in providing support to the NSA. The report indicated that Germany's northern neighbor and EU partner cooperated actively with the US on spying on German leaders. According to the report, the then-chancellor candidate for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), Peer Steinbruck, was also on the American spying list.
Baku Tribune condemns the release of the Russian policeman who killed 19-year-old Azerbaijani - VİDEO

On 28th of May in Moshkovo town near Novosibirsks region of Russian Federation 19 years old Azerbaijani Vakil Abdullayev was murdered by policeman.

Azerbaijan faces a serious challenge on the border with Iran

The liberation of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, despite the historical and positive nature of this event, is also another test for Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani wrestler wins bronze at 2021 Poland Open

Azerbaijani freestyle wrestler Hajimurad Hajiyev has taken a bronze medal at the 2021 Poland Open Wrestling event held in Warsaw.

Huawei in Karabakh

The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has found an excellent partner in Azerbaijan and a vast space for applying its capabilities.

Journalists got acquainted with the EU projects in Azerbaijan

Media representatives continue to get acquainted with the projects implemented by the European Union in the regions of Azerbaijan.

Latvian MP calls for punishment for those who have committed Ganja terror

As has already been reported, MP of Latvia Roman Naudinish has visited the cities of Agdam and Ganca.

Bakir Izzetbeqovich:

"I was not expecting to see such a terrible picture. I though that I was going to see the city of Agdam. But instead I see that there is no city at all. The graves were dug and thrown away, mosques are destroyed and desecrated. It shows that those who occupied once the city did not have the goal to live here".

The Qusar-Qayakend-Avaran-Xural road is under reconstruction

The Qusar-Qayakend-Avaran-Xural road in northern part of Azerbaijan is under reconstruction.

Oil prices jump on world markets

Oil prices have increased on the world markets.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry issues information

As a result of additional investigations, it has been found out that a serviceman of the Armenian armed forces Artur Kartanyan, detained on June 8, 2021, in the territory of the Lachin district of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border, penetrated the territory of Azerbaijan, not for the purpose of committing a provocation, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense told Baku Tribune.

Commander of Azerbaijan’s Naval Forces visits Pakistan Naval Headquarters

The Commander of Azerbaijan’s Naval Forces Rear Admiral Subhan Bekirov visited the Naval Headquarters in Islamabad on Tuesday and met the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, the Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency reported.