Israeli specialist: "We are set to cooperate with Azerbaijan"
Israeli specialist:
14:08     15 March 2024    
Interview with Bakutribune with the founder and leading specialist of the Jerusalem Center for Jewish Medicine "BEER DAVID", David Eichel. In November 2023, specialists from the Jerusalem Center for Jewish Medicine "BEER DAVID", including its founder David Eichel and the outstanding specialist Yosefa Eichel, arrived in Baku. From January-February until the present time, they continue their work in Azerbaijan, achieving notable success in therapy and development of children and teenagers with special needs. In his interview, David Eichel, the founder and leading specialist of the center, shared details about the activities of their institution, the results achieved in therapy, and answered other questions. The Jerusalem Center for Jewish Medicine "BEER DAVID" you lead has started its operations in Azerbaijan. Could you tell us about the objectives that you have while staying in our country? - Our Center began its activities in Azerbaijan with the main goal – providing support and improving the quality of life for children and teenagers with special needs. Our approach includes not only therapy for existing health-saving problems but also overall development, education, and assistance in revealing the individual talents and abilities of each child. We apply unique therapeutic methods adapted to various problems, including autism, cerebral palsy, motor disorders, and muscle tone issues, among others. These methods have already demonstrated their high effectiveness, allowing children not only to overcome their current conditions but also to fully develop their personal qualities. Our services have aroused interest in Azerbaijan, and we have already received several requests for collaboration. Our center, with more than fifteen years of experience in the rehabilitation of children and teenagers, offers innovative treatment methods. We are proud of the achievements of our patients, many of whom, after treatment, have successfully integrated into general education schools and continued their education in professional colleges. Our approach is based on the use of non-traditional therapy supplemented by advanced developmental techniques. A team of highly qualified specialists conducts daily sessions with children, aimed at their rapid catch-up development. - Why did you decide to start your work in Azerbaijan? A- s you know, the relations between our countries improve each year. Israel's interest in Azerbaijan, which demonstrates a friendly attitude towards Israel, is growing. Being in Baku, our center's specialists highly appreciate the beauty of the city and the friendliness of the local population. Staying in the country is perceived as an opportunity for expanding worldviews and developing new approaches and ideas. At the same time, future plans and projects remain open and will be determined as events develop. - How does your center differ from other medical institutions? - The distinctive feature of the "BEER DAVID" Center is its special mission – the maximum possible restoration of a child's functions so that his condition conforms to the generally accepted norms. We apply unique methods capable of correcting numerous disorders of the central nervous system, which in many cases leads to complete recovery. In severe diagnoses, full recovery may be unattainable, however, even in these conditions, we achieve significant progress in the child's development, which significantly improves the quality of life for the family. - What are the results of your work? - Our approach is distinguished by its uniqueness and, most importantly, by results. The achievements we reach, with God's help, are seen as unattainable anywhere else in the world, regardless of the resources invested. In many cases, we can realistically talk about the potential for true recovery. Our center has documented the successes of its therapeutic practice for several years. On our YouTube channel, which can be found under the tag "BEER DAVID Center for Jewish Medicine", numerous video reports and parent reviews are posted. We have created over forty documentary films demonstrating the condition of children before, during, and after therapy. These materials include the results of treating children suffering from autism, autistic spectrum disorders, and cerebral palsy. Recently, about 50 reports have been aired on television channels of different countries, including Ukraine, Georgia, and Israel. They came to us for filming to capture the results of our activities, and we were also invited to various TV channel studios. All video materials are available on our channel. The TV channels themselves initiate coverage of the results of our work, seeking to acquaint viewers with the achieved successes. It should be noted that documenting each case requires significant time resources, so we are not always able to capture changes in mild cases when children quickly return to normal. - What are the plans for cooperation between the center's specialists and the Azerbaijani healthcare system? - While the "BEER DAVID" Center does not have specific plans for integration with the Azerbaijani healthcare system, we are open to collaboration and experience sharing. Our Israeli pediatricians can conduct educational lectures to improve the qualifications of Azerbaijani specialists, especially in the areas of early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and other accompanying conditions. - What global problems and challenges in the field of rehabilitation of children with special needs would you highlight? - Our center emphasizes the diversity of approaches to the rehabilitation of children with special needs in different countries, noting the complexity of developing a universal global solution. A particular concern is the tendency in some regions to consider such children as the norm, without focusing on their individual needs and opportunities for realization. The Center calls for a more careful and responsible approach to this issue, considering both social and religious aspects. Contact the Center for Jewish Medicine "BEER DAVID" by the following means: Website: Phone (WhatsApp): +972 58-657-300 Phone: +994 99-859-1964 Email: [email protected]
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