The chief of Huawei: The consumers in Azerbaijan mainly focus on mobile phones, tablets and computer lights - EXCLUSİVE İNTERVİEW
The chief of Huawei: The consumers in Azerbaijan mainly focus on mobile phones, tablets and computer lights - EXCLUSİVE İNTERVİEW
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C EO of Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC Xu Hui gave an interview to Baku Tribune. - How would you rate Huawei's activity in Azerbaijan in 2021? - Overall, Huawei Azerbaijan has weathered the impact of the epidemic on its business in 2021, continued to provide excellent products and solutions for the Azerbaijan market, and satisfied customers with high-quality services. Huawei has continued to win recognition from customers and the market, and achieved stable growth in its overall business. I believe this is also a positive feedback from the market on Huawei's consistent customer-centric core values. - What kind of projects is Huawei implementing in Azerbaijan? - We have carried out many projects in 2021, including the smart village project in liberated areas, the GPON project in Azerbaijan, and the IP project in BAKU cities. These projects are basic projects for Azerbaijan's digital transformation. The smooth implementation and deployment of these projects lay a solid foundation for Azerbaijan's future digital transformation. - Is the interest of Azerbaijani consumers in Huawei products growing? What does a sales analysis show? - Huawei's main products are classified into two categories: 2B and 2C. The consumers in Azerbaijan mainly focus on 2C products, such as mobile phones, tablets and computer lights. Huawei's device products are widely recognized by people around the world in terms of design, quality, appearance, and usability. The Azerbaijan market is no exception. However, due to supply constraints caused by some objective reasons, Huawei's sales data of category 2C consumer goods is not satisfactory, but it maintains a stable market position. - How is the work progressing towards the implementation of the “smart city” project in the liberated Azerbaijani territories? - Huawei attaches great importance to providing the best ICT infrastructure for local people. As a leading global ICT infrastructure solution provider, Huawei attaches great importance to this opportunity and provides excellent solutions. With the concerted efforts of local partners, the first phase of construction has been completed as planned. - What are Huawei's plans for the future in terms of implementing new projects in Azerbaijan? - Huawei has been investing in R&D for many years and continuously bringing innovative solutions to the community. In China, Europe, Eurasia, and Asia-Pacific regions, Huawei continues to bring excellent ICT solutions to local communities. In recent years, the world has been talking about 5G and digital transformation. Huawei has accumulated rich experience and capabilities in this field. We hope to bring these excellent experience and capabilities to Azerbaijan to the forefront of digital transformation. Seymur Mammadov
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